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GBR#001 - Ink & Lead/Sister Kisser split LP

Gruff Beard Records proudly presents our debut release for the aural pleasure of music junkies everywhere: the Ink & Lead/Sister Kisser split LP! You are now at the mercy of Long Island's finest!

Side A belongs to Ink & Lead and their barrage of precise, positive hardcore. Six tracks, killer stuff--passionate vocals, ample guitar melodies, and some absolutely amazing drumming. On Side B, Sister Kisser begins to take their gruff, emotional punk rock one step further--five tracks with more emphasis on the ROCK.

Gruff Beard Records presents the first pressing of this LP in an edition of 300 copies, all on black vinyl. The 11"x11" prints used for the front and back covers were beautifully printed by the folks at Mama's Sauce (formerly PCX Media) and we here at GBR hand-assembled them onto the jackets. We will also have a special "mail-order version" featuring a hand-drawn vellum overlay over the front cover--limited to 25 copies and hand-numbered.

In addition to a full-size insert with lyrics for both bands; this LP comes with a download code for digital versions of all the tracks. As a little extra bang for your buck, the download code will also include EIGHT additional Ink & Lead jams to keep your speakers working overtime.


  1. Shamelessly Painting Ourselves Into A Corner of Sameness
  2. Joe Remix
  3. This is Rich
  4. So Drunk, So Many Hot Dogs
  5. How the Kanye West was Won
  6. Wait Guys! I Landed on my Alicia Keys
  7. New York Shitty
  8. The Way It Goes
  9. Keep Dreaming
  10. Refusal To Pay
  11. Oh C(h)ristina

Pressing Information

Test Pressing: 30 copies on black vinyl with hand-written/hand-#'d labels. Jackets hand-made and spray-painted by Joe Proffitt of Ohio Pride LTD.

1st Pressing: 300 copies all on black vinyl.
25 "mail-order" versions with vellum overlay/hand #'d covers.
50 "record release show" versions with hand-written/hand-#'d labels.
22 Vinyl Collection "Back to the Future" Covers Screen Printed and hand #'d
10 Different Kitchen European Exclusive Covers hand made and die cut by Joe Proffitt of Ohio Pride LTD.
All other copies have hand-stamped A and B side labels with "standard" hand-assembled jacket.